Covid19 infos for Driving Students

We want you to stay in business!When does driving lessons start again?

Driving lessons and theory tests will restart on 12 April in England and Wales and driving tests will restart on 22 April. In Scotland driving lessons could potentially restart on 26 April and driving tests on 6 May.

In Scotland, it’s the law for instructors and pupils to wear a face covering during a lesson and when they arrive at the test centre.

In Northern Ireland the current regulations will be reviewed on 15 April 2021.

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Can i book driving lessons now?

Yes, you can: with Run Yellow. Just select your Instructor and book lessons. In case your Instructor is not in our list as registered Instructor available for immediately booking, give us a couple of days to get your Instructor on board.

Book here:


If your preferred Instructor is not as already registered Instructor in our list don't worry: As soon you select one we will contact your Instructor for onboarding.

In case your preferred Instructor is NOT already in our list,  send us a email to


and give us the name and address and/or contact details of the Instructor eg. phone number email etc. and we try to onboard your instructor.

Can you keep me updated?

Of course. All registered Run Yellow Driving Students will be updated regulary. 
The last 'official' informations can be found here:


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to answer your questions.

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